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Gasket Patterns for the Antique Vehicle and Machinery owner
Version V.01  This is an alpha release, folks.   9/4/2011

Many gaskets for older vehicles and machinery are no longer made, or are prohibitively expensive.
Making a new gasket when a replacement is not available often involves first making a pattern, which
is then used to cut the gasket. Making the pattern can be a time consuming and tedious process.

The Gasket Exchange aims to help by providing a repository of community-created gasket patterns.
We also aim to provide instructions and tips for making gaskets as well as gasket patterns.

The patterns are provided in .pdf format at 100% scale.

How can you help?

Next time you make a gasket for your older car, tractor or stationary engine, scan or xerox the gasket
or pattern and send it to us. We will post the pattern here.

Many manufacturers are dropping older gasket. Why not consider tracing, scanning or xeroxing the next
gasket set you buy as a hedge against "no longer available"?  Send us the results and we will post them

The Gasket Exchange 
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